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Amide Cyclization

      Amide Cyclization is other important way to form peptide cyclization and helix. Depending on its functional groups, a peptide can be cyclized in four different ways: head-to-tail (C-terminus to N-terminus), head-to-side chain, side-chain-to-side-chain, or side chain-to-tail. With our extensive experience in synthesizing cyclic peptides, TGpeptide can offer high quality amide cyclization peptides.

  • Head-to-Tail Amide Cyclization

          In order to form head-to-tail aminde cyclization, we use 2cl-resin. Protect the a-amino group using TFA, DDE group etc. and make the cleavage using low concentration TFA, we can manufacture high quality head-to-tail aminde cyclization peptide with high success rate.

  • Side-Chain-to-Side-Chain Amide Cyclization

          Side-chain-to-side-chain aminde cyclization requires that there are more than two Lysine or Ornithine in the sequence. TGpeptide can make the side-chain-to-side-chain aminde cyclization before cleavage and after cleavage.

          Besides of head-to-tail and side-chain-to-side-chain aminde cyclization, TGpeptide can manufacture head-to-side chain and side chain-to-tail aminde cyclization as well with high quality including RGD series peptides, you're welcome to contact if you have any questions or needs on them.

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