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Antibody Production

      TGpeptide provides high-quality and comprehensive custom antibody production services covering every step of monoclonal and polyclonal development.

  • Highlights


    Guaranteed results: We guarantee the positive western blot result and high ELISA titer (> 64,000 for polyclonal antibody and > 128,000 for monoclonal antibody).


    Customized protocols: We provide customized antibody production services accroding to the requirments.


    Full service: Keep close contact and communication with you during the whole project process, and report the project progress at any time.

  • Differences Between Monoclonal and Polyclonal Antibodies

    Monoclonal Antibodies

    Polyclonal Antibodies



    High specificity to a single epitope


    Low likelihood of cross-reactions and background noise


    Batch to batch homogeneity


    Easy to produce large quantities of identical antibody


    Higher affinity against the antigen due to recognition of multiple epitopes


    Tolerance to antigen changes


    Easy to produce with an inexpensive price and a short period of time


    Highly stable and tolerant of pH or buffer changes



    Long period of time of production


    Significantly expensive


    Intolerance to changes in the antigen


    Variability between different batches


    High likelihood of cross-reactions


    Background noise



    Detection for a specific antigen


    Staining cells with less background


    Detection of the changes in molecular conformation or phosphorylation states




    Detection for a known or unknown isoforms of antigens with high antigen homolog


    Detection for targets with possible genetic glycosylation or conformational changes


    Detection a target in solutions with varying pH and salt concentrations

              In summary, monoclonal antibodies are ideal solutions for diagnostic manufacturing and therapeutic drug development that require large volumes of identical antibody against a single epitope. Polyclonal antibodies provide more advantages than that of monoclonal antibodies for general research applications.

  • Differences Between Species

          The most commonly used hosts for antibody production are mice and rabbit, while other hosts are rat, goat and chicken. The characteristics are as follows:





    Can be used to produce Monoclonal Antibodies


    Short immunization cycle


    Low cost



    High success rate


    larger range of antigens


    Higher affinity and specificity


    greater variety of epitopes



    Little antigen required


    Good for small amount of polyclonal antibody production


    Low cost


    Small amount of serum



    Good for large amount of polyclonal antibody production


    Serum can be used directly in initial assays


    Large antigen quantities required


    High cost



    High specificity


    Moderate cost


    Good alternative for highly conserved mammalian proteins


    Difficult to isolate antibodies

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