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Terms & Conditions

  • Range of application of our products

          We declare that all of our products are for research use only and can not be used for human bodies, we are not responsible for any negative consequence if you violate this declaration.

  • Assurance

    We assure that all of our products are inspected by our quality control department and pass the quality standards. If you have any disagreements with our quality, contact us within one month after you get the products, after we approve the disagreements, we will send you a new batch product or make the full re-fund according to your requirements.

    We assurance that all the products we sell and manufacture will not infringe any patents, trademarks or copyrights.

    We agree to sign a confidential agreements with you if you inquire, and we assure that we will not divulge and information to third part.

  • Payment and shipment

    Our customers should pay us with 30 days via wire transfer or cheque according to the values we dated in contracts, if you do not pay us within the time we dated, we have the right to delay or pause the projects until you pay.

    If we fail to complete part products of the projects due to the force majeure events, we have the rights to charge for the part we have succeeded to make.

  • Change or cancel of order

          We need written application if you want to change or cancel the order. We have the right to deny if you application cause the negative influence to the production or break the local laws or rules.

  • Guide to use the producs

          We suggest that the user of our products should obey the usage guide, and we are not be responsible for any negative consequence if you disobey the operational rule.

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