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Small Molecules Synthesis

     TGpeptide has a professional team consisting of Doctors, chemists who are engaged in small molecules synthesis many years, besides, we invite experienced specilists as our senior chemial consultant to give us cutting-edge technologies on small molecules synthesis. At present, TGpeptide has 400 square metres office, 1000 square meters standard laboratory. All of our laboratories are equipped with mordern precise instruments from manufacture, purification, lyophilization, QC to QA including Agilent LC-MS, GC, HPLC, ultra pressure liquid chromatography, imported lyophilizer etc. And we equip our laboratories with mordern instruments for solid phase and liquid phase organic synthesis, which make us have the capacity to manufacture organic compounds from milligrams to kilograms.

     After continuous developmemt and research, TGpeptide accumulated rich experience on small molecules synthesis. TGpeptide can offer our customers efficient small molecules synthesis service including development, scale-up and lot production for all kinds of organic intermediates and pharmaceutical intermediates. TGpeptide has built long-term cooperation with many well-known pharmaceutical factories, institutes and unversities.

  • Reactions we're good at:

    Chiral reactions and separation, oxidation-reduction reactions, condensation, nitration, bromination etc.

    High-pressure reactions(up to 60 kgs), refrigeration (till -60℃), etc.

  • Compounds we're good at:

    Heterocyclic compounds such as Pyridine, pyrimidine, iminazole, thiophene and their derivatives; Fine chemical intermediates and their derivatives.

  • Range of services

    Process Development and scale-up production: With our rich experience in customized R&D, process optimization and commercial production of advanced intermediates, we could provide expertized and customized process development and manufacturing services from grams to metric tons level.

    Asymmetric synthesis: TGpeptide have the capacity to provide asymmetric synthesis.

    Custom made service: TGpeptide provides custom small molecules synthesis services, we are committed to synthesizing small molecules you want efficiently.

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