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Peptide Synthesis Introduction

      Peptide synthesis service is the core service of TGpeptide. In order to improve our service and produdct quality, we use mordern precision instruments such as Waters LC-MS, Agilent HPLC etc., train our staffs with professional knowledges, establish prefect management system and advanced manufactuing process, make the QC according to the requirements of ISO9001: 2008, all of these efforts make us build a example of "efficent, high quality" in the feild of peptide synthesis. We encourage research and innovation and put high inputs on them.
      With many years' strong peptide synthesis and research experience, we have developed highly specific expertise to synthesize with various types of modified and difficult peptides. With a diverse range of modifications available for peptides, we routinely meet our clients' specifications with unusual custom made peptides.

Range of Services:

Linear peptides: Quantity from mg to kg, up to 180 residues.

The range of purity: Crude、Desalted、>70%、>80%、>90%、>95%、>98%、>99%.

Peptide modifications: C-terminal modifications, N-terminal modifications, Fluorescence and Dye Labeling Peptides, Cyclic Peptides Synthesis, Phosphopeptides etc.

Peptides with different structures: Linear peptides, MAPs, Cyclic peptides etc.


Antigen peptides: KLH, BSA, 0VA coupling.

Different packages: we can make aliquots according to the demand of customers, and it's free.


High quality: MS , HPLC, Certificate of Analysis and Route of Synthesis can be provided every lot of peptide order.

Fast delivery time: 2-3 weeks!


Experienced synthesis skills: up to 180 residues, more than 400 kinds of modifications including Fluorescence and Dye Labeling Peptides, Cyclic Peptides Synthesis, Phosphopeptides etc.

High Success Rate: >98%.

Confidential: Confidential aggreement can be signed!

How to place a order:


Contact us at: +86-(0)-18115476705 or sales@tgpeptide.com;


Provide us peptides information including Sequence, Purity, Quantity and modification(If necessary, we agree to sign confidential agreement with you before you provide these information), we will make you a quotes within 30 minutes.


Place us a purchaser order, we can send you a sales contract too if you need.


Start synthesis, and we will inform you the updates of synthesis in time.


Arrange shippment, HPLC analysis, MS spectrum will be shipped along the peptides too.


Refund all pre-payment(if pre-pay us) if we failed to synthesize any of them.


After-sale service: Contact us anytime if you have any problem when you use the peptides, and we will reply you as soon as possible.

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