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Inquiry and Quote

1,How to get a offer?

      You can contact us using telephone, fax, e-mail, QQ, Wechat, Weibo, online consultation (see contact us for details).If you need peptide quotation, please provide the following information, and we will reply you within 30 minutes;

Catalog peptide: product name, Cat#, peptide sequence or CAS number, required quantity;

Custom peptide: peptide sequence, modification requirements, peptide quantity (mg/g/kg), purity (%);

2,How to place an order?

      If you need to place an order, please contact us, our sales will confirm the order information with you, and you can place us a purchase order or we will sign a sales contract with you, if necessary, we agree to sign a confidential agreement. Then we will arrange synthesis for the products you ordered. Our salesmen will report you the synthesis progress in time from Monday to Friday. The report includes order progress, quality control data, difficult problems and solutions, etc.

3,How to deliver and what to deliver?

     Shipment can only be shipped after peptide is qualified. The content of shipment includes: qualified products, HPLC, MS and COA documents; Our sales will contact you and tell you the courier tracking No. on the day(China: SF express, other places: FedEx). HPLC, MS and COA documents will provided for free, and the quality control data includes purity, quantity, molecular weight, solubility, etc. (Note: NMR, IR, UV, element analysis, water content, endotoxin test and amino acid analysis can be provided according to your requirements).

4,After-sale service?

     TGpeptide not only provides high-quality products, but also has perfect after-sales service;

The customer can raise your objection within 1-2 weeks after receiving the product. We will retest the product free of charge and return the unqualified product free of charge;

The customer has any problems when they use our products, Please contact us,We will respond to your questions as soon as possible.

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