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Long Peptide Synthesis

      Long peptides are frequently synthesized to study the protein-receptor binding. Usually, long peptides(100-200 residues), which is the size of a mean protein domain are expressed in Escherichia coli. But obtaining peptides sized 100–200 amino acids using chemical synthesis is much faster and cheaper than cloning and overexpressing in Escherichia coli. In addition, the resulting peptide is always correct. Chemical synthesis can be used to incorporate non-genetically encoded structures, such as D-amino acids, into the protein in a completely regular fashion. Synthetic peptides eliminate problems such as poor or no expression, cloning errors, tags like FLAG or 6-His, or the mis-translation of non-preferred codons in prokaryotic hosts. Artificial amino acids that have isosteric side chains can be used to investigate the functional importance of specific residues.

  • Difficulties in the synthesis of long peptides and Solutions

          TGpeptide has gained extensive experience in synthesizing these challenging long peptides. TGpeptide routinely uses our technologies to produce peptides with more than 50 amino acids. We promise to provide the HPLC purified peptide with correct molecular weight analyzed by Electrospray ionization (ESI) Mass Spectrometry. We usually use the following methods:


    Microwave synthesis


    Fragment synthesis


    Hydrazine synthesis

  • 长肽纯化

          长肽的特殊性不可避免的导致最后得到的粗品肽组分复杂,因此,对于长肽的HPLC纯化 也是一项挑战;我们通过在amyloid系列多肽纯化过程中,吸取大量经验并成功用于长肽纯化, 我们通过采用先进仪器,多纯化体系混用,反复分离等经验手段,极大提升了我们长肽纯化 成功率。

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