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      Phosphorylation plays an essential role in nearly every aspect of cellular life. After years of research and development on peptide modification, TGpeptide accumulates profound experience to synthesize phosphorylation peptides from one to five phosphorylation sites with high quality.


  • Name:O-Phospho-L-serine
    Abbreviation: Ser(PO3H2) or pSer
  • Name: O-Phospho-L-Tyrosine
    Abbreviation: Tyr(PO3H2) or pTyr
  • Name:O-Phospho-L-Threonine
    Abbreviation: Thr(PO3H2) or pThr


  • Name::O-Sulfo-L-serine
    Abbreviation: Ser(SO3H2) or pSer
  • Name: O-Sulfo-L-Tyrosine
    Abbreviation: Tyr(SO3H2) or pTyr
  • Name:O-Sulfo-L-Threonine
    Abbreviation: Thr(SO3H2) or pThr

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