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Cyclic Peptides Synthesis

     Cyclization is an important way to form peptide cyclization and helix and increase stability and bio-activity of peptide, TGpeptide can offer you amide cyclization, disulfide bridge cyclization, stapled peptides etc.

  • Amide cyclization-head to tail cyclization

          In order to form hear-to-tail aminde cyclization, we use 2cl-resin. Protect the a-amino group using TFA, DDE group etc. and make the cleavage using low concentration TFA, we can manufacture high quality hear-to-tail aminde cyclization peptide with high success rate.

  • Amide cyclization- Side-Chain-to-Side-Chain Amide Cyclization

         Side-chain-to-side-chain aminde cyclization requires that there are more than two Lysine or Ornithine in the sequence. TGpeptide can make the side-chain-to-side-chain aminde cyclization before cleavage and after cleavage.

  • Disulfide bridge

          Disulfide bonds are an integral component of the three-dimensional structure of many proteins. TGpeptide can offers the formation of cyclic peptides via disulfide bridges between cysteine residues within the peptide. We can synthesize peptides containing one to three disulfide bonds.

  • Stapled peptides

          Peptide stapling is a strategy for constraining short peptides in an alpha-helical conformation. The stapled peptides can be used for intracellular drug targets because stapling can increase the target affinity and proteolytic resistance.

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