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Polyclonal Antibody Services

      TGpeptide offers cost-effective polyclonal antibody services, which involve peptide and protein antigen synthesis, rabbit and goat immunization, antibody purification and QC control test. Our polyclonal antibody services can be customized by your needs. For example, you can choose antisera or purified antibodies to deliver; purification methods are also optional, both protein A and antigen affinity purification are provided.

  • Monoclonal Antibody Production Service Details





    Antigen preparation (optional)
    Customers can provide 3-5 mg antigen with purity >85% or the antigen sequence (produced by TGpeptide)
    100 μg soluble antigen with purity > 90%
    Polypeptide: 2 weeks
    Protein: 4weeks
    Immune animals are two New Zealand Rabbits. Each rabbit four times of immunization.
    1 to 2 mL pre-immune serum, 1 to 2 mL immune serum, and ELISA report
    5 weeks
    Collecting the anti-serum from rabbits, followed by antigen affinity/protein A purification.
    1-8 mg purified antibody
    2 weeks
    ELISA test is performed before delivery of antibodies.
    Peptide: >1:64,000
    Protein: >1:128,000
    1 week
  • 1.

    You can customize the protocol to meet your needs. The customizable parts include the species of immune animal, the number of immune animal, quantity of delivered antibodies, etc.


    We can deliver 1-5 mg purified antibodies per peptide antigen or 3-8 mg purified antibodies per protein antigen in our standard package. However, large scale antibody production is available.


    We have the ability to produce phospho specific antibodies if you required.


    Optional services you may require include monoclonal antibody production, antibody pairing, antibody sequencing, antibody labeling, affinity measurement, antibody identification, etc.

         If you have any questions, please contact us.

  • Service Highlights

    Guaranteed results: Positive western blot result and high ELISA titer (ELISA titer is up to 1:64,000 and 1:128,000 using peptide antigen and soluble protein antigen produced by PeptideValley, respectively).

    Complete support: We pride ourselves in providing support of all steps in polyclonal antibody production: from peptide design to animal immunization, serum collection, and final antibody purification.

    Customizable: Our project developer will work with you to develop the polyclonal antibody project. The protocol can be customized for each project to meet the specific needs of each customer.

    Project tracking: We communicate with customers during the entire project which gives you real-time information about the status and progress of your antibody production projects.

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