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Monoclonal Antibody Services

      TGpeptide offers fully custom monoclonal antibody production services for pharmaceutical companies and research institutes. Our professional peptide synthesis experience and high-efficiency conjugation methods ensure the success rate of peptide immunization greater than 95%. Guaranteed WB/IHC antibody services guarantee positive binding to antigen in WB/IHC assays. We offer cost-effective custom antibody production services at various production scales from mg to 100 grams, and antibodies can be used for pre-clinical in vitro and in vivo testing.

  • Monoclonal Antibody





    Antigen preparation
    Customers can provide 3-5 mg antigen with purity > 90% or the antigen sequence (produced by TGpeptide)
    2 weeks
    100 μg soluble antigen with purity > 90%
    Immune animals are five Balb/c mice of SPF level. Each mouse performs four times of immunization.
    8 weeks
    Serum and ELISA report
    Cell fusion
    The spleen cells of mice are harvested for hybridoma fusion with the myeloma cells.
    3 weeks
    1 to 2 mL supernatant of hybridoma clones and ELISA report
    Subcloning & Screening
    Using ELISA test to screen clones. Subcloning is taken three rounds to ensure long-term stability of clones and truly monoclonal clones.
    5 weeks
    2-5 positive clones
    Production & Purification
    The hybridoma cells would be inoculated into relevant animals to produce ascites.
    3 weeks
    2-5 mg purified antibody, 100 μg soluble antigen, western blot and ELISA report
  • 1.

    The time line of our monoclonal antibody production service depends on the nature of the project and differs from project to project. Generally, we are able to complete the project in 22 weeks.


    Our service protocol can be customized according to your specific requirements, including the species of immune animal, the number of immune animal, the round of subcloning, quantity of delivered antibodies, etc.


    We have the ability to produce phospho specific antibodies if you required.


    We also provide optional services, including polyclonal antibody production, antibody pairing, antibody sequencing, antibody labeling, affinity measurement, antibody identification, etc.If you have any questions, please contact us.

  • Service Highlights

    Antibody generation in a short period of time

    Without increasing the dose of immunogens

    High fusion efficiency with electrofusion technique

    Able to produce antibodies for specific applications such as FC, IHC and WB

    Fast antibody manufacturing from milligram to gram quantities

    Antibody with high purity, high lot-to-lot reproducibility and without animal viruses contamination

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