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About Us

     Nanjing TGpeptide Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.("TGpeptide" hereafter), who is founded in 2019, located at Jiangbei New Material Industrial Park, is a professional enterprise enageged in researching, developing, manufacturing and sales of peptide, antibody and protein products and technologies. TGpeptide got strong support and funded by government from the beginning when TGpeptide was founded.
     At present, TGpeptide has 400 square metres office, 1000 square meters standard laboratory. In order to provide you high quality services, all of our laboratories are equipped with mordern precision instruments from manufacture, purification, lyophilization, QC to QA including Agilent LC-MS, ultra pressure liquid chromatography, imported lyophilizer etc. The mission of TGpeptide is "Make your research easier", with well-estabilished equipments, TGpeptide can offer you good products and considerate services.

Our feature

  • Custom Peptide Synthesis

    * R&D group with experienced chemists in peptides synthesis

    * Use multi-inspection to ensure our quality

    * Quick turn-around time and fast delivery

    * Rich experience on synthesis for long peptides and difficult peptides

  • Professional Peptide Modification

    * Provide more than 400 kinds of modification

    * C and N-terminal modification

    * Fluorescence and Dye Labeling Peptides

    * Cyclic Peptides Synthesis: Disulfide and amide

  • Catalog peptides

    * Provide 2000+ catalog peptides

    * Antibiotic peptides

    * Cell-penetrating peptides

    * Neuropeptides

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